Post Title. 06/01/2011
     I recently had the opportunity to try the Acer XDS Cabriolet Irons with stock Apollo shafts and Karma grips. I find that a lot of companies have adopted the moniker of “Game Improvement” for their various style of clubs but the Cabriolets are truly a game changing club for the high handicap golfer. This and the Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrid are by far the easiest clubs to get the ball up into the air, talk about buying yourself a new game!
     As of this writing the Acer XDS Cabriolets are going for about $22 dollars a club, who could not afford this? Especially considering what they can do for your game and enjoyment of golf. If you have a hard time getting the prescribed 10 yard increments in all of your clubs, I would recommend only getting the clubs you need, for example all the odd numbered clubs or the even numbered clubs until you improve your consistency and then rotate in the clubs you need at a later date. This will also make it a little easier on the wallet, don't go hog wild if you don't need to, just get what you need and enjoy getting the ball up in the air with little effort for once.
     One word of warning I will give you about them is the 3 iron, sometimes its sounds a little tinny when hitting this club. I, for one, can forgive this sound because of the way it gets the ball up into the air but if you think it will bother you, go for the Dynacrafts. To find them, click on the Hireko golf banner on this page, then click on the text at the top of the page.



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