THE AMIENS CITY PRO TOUR ’11 will serve as the National Championships for StreetGolf in France. We are talking real competition!!! The Amiens city event is the 3rd stop on the Pro Tour calendar for this year. This is pure StreetGolf through the city. almostGolf and the OCGA to help sponsor the Pro Tour and Golf De Rue. We are proud to announce that almostgolf will be supporting french streetgolf. almostgolf makes the best urban golf ball in the world and they are profoundly impressed with Golf De Rue and all the other StreetGolf teams in France.

The city planners of Fribourg Switzerland have incorporated an off course golf path that winds its way through the city to allot of the city point's of interest. Take a look at this city map put out by their tourist office.
     I would love to play the course through this city.  Check out this video, it's not in English but it is interesting.


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