What Is Golf?

     If you think about it, golf is a simple game. One day way back around 1457, a bunch of drunk Scots thought it would be fun to smack the stuffing's out of a small leather ball across a harsh sea coast into a small gopher hole. Some how they found great revelry in this and called it good fun. So through their two contributions in life, one of which being scotch whiskey, we have been infatuated with the game ever since and have played this sport in some form or fashion in almost every country since then.

A New Age And A New Ball

     The original golf ball was more than likely a rock or something, later it evolved in to a small leather ball much like the Hacky-Sack in the 80"s. The modern golf ball is made of rubber and plastic stuff that is almost as hard as a rock and will kill someone if hit by it.

     Enter a new age. Think of a golf ball made of a softer material and only one third the weight. It won't knock the teeth out of your noggin if you get hit by it and it only travels a third of the distance of a normal golf ball making it suited for urban use. I give you the almostGOLF ball.

A New Kind Of Golf

     With only a couple of golf clubs, a few golf balls and a piece of carpet, you can be playing off course golf in a park, parking lot, collage campus or a softball field near you.


     Clubs: One or sometimes two clubs are used, normally a pitching wedge or a 9 iron with a sand wedge combo but technically you can play with with whatever you want.  To start out, go grab an old club out of some family members garage and drive it like you stole it!

     Balls: The preferred ball to play with is the trademarked "almostGOLF" ball but any soft ball like a tennis ball or a hand ball can be used in a pinch.  Please do not ever use a real golf ball unless you really hate cars, windows, small children and animals.

     The Shag: The shag is a small piece of carpet, indoor-outdoor carpet or a piece of golf mat that you can put in your back pocket and use to hit off of. Leaving divots around town is frowned upon, though you can sometimes get away with going "bareback" in certain situations.

     Caddy bag: A good bag for carrying spare balls, water or whatever you might need.


     We suggest playing to the traditional rules of golf but with a few modifications.  But as always, use common sense and feel free to modify the rules to fit your environment.

     Diplomacy: The number one rule of Off-Course-Golf is DIPLOMACY!  Why?  Do the math.

     Greens: Because there are not any naturally occurring greens, putting is not generally part of the game other than a 5 foot ring around a predetermined target such as a post, fire hydrant, water fountain, or whatever is handy.  Chip in and your done.

     Ball Relief: If your ball lands next to an immoveable object like a wall, fence, bench, or bushes, you get one club length of relief.  If it is a very expensive immoveable object like a car or a window, you get two club lengths for safety reasons.

     Out Of Bounds: If your ball goes out of bounds, simply pick up your ball and place it one club length behind the ball that is farthest from the hole and take a stroke.  This will help speed up the game too!

     The Shag: The shag will always be used to hit off of unless you are chipping onto the green.  Even then if you take a divot bigger than the head of your club, you will incur one penalty stroke.  Please be cool with this rule! It will go a long way with other citizens and city officials.  Do Not Ruin This For All Of Us!